Translation: idiom, “Of course!  Certainly.  I’m sure of it.”

Created in 2014, Jennifer Kimpe founded Bien Sur on her vision to collaborate with the businesses and brands who exude an unabashed dedication to their craft.

Bien Sur has a sweet spot for wine. But it would be remiss to say that it is all wine all the time.  We take our cues and inspiration from nature, travel, music and innovative design. What truly sets us apart is admiration for all brands who seek to find unique ways to invite consumers in; walking with them versus talking at them.   We are honored to join forces with them. 

Jennifer works directly with both individuals and companies as their strategic & creative consultant, project manager or collaborator. Fusing the best of both consultant and agency services, Jennifer also has a network of respected professionals and creatives to support the branding & marketing execution, bringing a winning combination of partners to each project.

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Jennifer is a brand & marketing strategist known for distilling and delivering the true essence of a brand in every aspect of her work.

Jennifer has spent the last 25 years advising brands on how to strategically lead in their market place, while captivating consumers.  She represented some the most respected CPG companies in her role as Vice President for MARS advertising for 12 years before transferring to the client side to take on senior CPG marketing roles.

Her entreé into the professional wine business was with Treasury Wine Estates, where she was the “go-to” for understanding the wine category and its consumers.  Combining her professional wine industry experience with her personal passion for it, Jennifer continues to be proud to service wine brands, the makers and all the passionate people who drink it.

Jennifer is a Detroit native with a Midwest work ethic and a Motor City soul.  While she came of age in Detroit, she has spent the second half of her life in California, now dividing her time along the coast between her homes in Muir Beach and Big Sur.  Jennifer brings a combo of grace and grit to every project.

We delight in delivering brand essences so distinctive
that consumers intuitively respond "of course!"