We understand that great marketing can be difficult to tackle and feel extremely overwhelming. Our customers love that we can roll up our sleeves and jump right in. Bien Sur offers a broad range of strategy & marketing services, always focused and tailored specifically to help your brand break through.


Brand business Planning

The first step in building an engaging brand is laying the right foundation. We learn the competitive landscape, the channels, the consumers, build the roadmaps, and lay the milestones to create a differentiated, profitable and sustainable business.

- Opportunity & Foundation
- Competitive Analysis
- Vision & Goals
- Research & Insights
- Business Plan / Roadmap

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Brand Development

Your consumers want to be invited into the experience of your brand. We define your brand essence and align it to consumer motivations, aspirations, habits and affinities.  We help brands distill the reasons to believe and tell a story that consumers find worth caring, remembering and sharing.   

- Brand Essence & Positioning
- Brand Ethos
- Key Value Proposition
- Consumer Portrait
- Naming, Taglines, Key Phrases
- Communication Strategy

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Brand presentation

Branding isn’t just a logo or a clever campaign. We make sure brands are both smart and compelling when it comes to messaging and visual storytelling. We create brand assets that are dynamic and have room to evolve. With us, your brand will present a unified story at every consumer touchpoint. 

- Creative Strategy
- Brand Style Guides
- Photo & Video Strategy
- Asset Library Development
- Photo Shoot Leadership, Planning & Art Direction
- Talent Sourcing


Brand marketing

Marketing is your brand in action. We create a marketing mix that your consumer will respond to.  Whether you’re launching a social media campaign, a promotional event, PR initiative, or partnership, we ensure you’re delivering a thoughtful, detailed, measurable plan.

- Marketing Concepts & Campaigns
- Execution Plans, Timelines, Budgets
- Digital & Social Media Strategy
- Consumer Experience Strategy
- PR & Event Strategy
- Partnerships & Collaborations
- Trade & Sales Tools